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        Yantai Maoyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing co.,ltd Established in 1995 .It is a professional manufacturing company integrated with R&D,professional manufacturing, derect sales and after sales service.we have been focusing on the R&D innovation of frying, roasting,peeling,coating and all kinds of snaks food production line, A decisive role in the development of peanut equipment and nuts equipment industry, has become the industry benchmark enterprise.
        As the executive director of the Nuts Specialized Committee of China National Food Industry Association and the secretary-general of the Peanut Alliance of China nuts and seeds Industry Development Alliance, our excellent product quality, advanced technology, strict management, good service, sales network throughout the country and export to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, get the favourable comment from our customers.
        The company adheres to the spirit of "integrity-based, innovation, excellence" , and provide high quality of products and services, to win the trust of every customer.